Timetable and Fees


Carterton Family Centre OX18 3AA

9.15am Mummy and Me Ballet aged 18ms- 4 years (£72 per term)

9.50am Tiny Toes Ballet aged 18 months - 4 years  (£72 per term)

Stanton Harcourt Village Hall OX29 5SB

4pm Prep Ballet (£72 per term)

4.30pm Primary Ballet (£72 per term)

5.00pm Mixed ability Tap (£72 per term)

5.30pm Grade 4 Ballet (£90 per term)


Witney, Madley Park Hall OX 28 1UE

9.15am Mummy and Me Ballet aged 18m- 4years (£72 per term)

9.50am Mummy and Me Ballet aged 18ms-4 years (£72 per term)

Carterton Family Centre OX18 3AA 

4.15pm Performing Arts aged 4+ (£90 per term)


Carterton St Joseph’s Church OX18 3BS

4.20pm Prep Ballet (£72 per term)

4.50pm Primary Ballet (£72 per term)

5.20pm Grade 1 Ballet (£72 per term)

5.50pm Grade 2 Ballet (£72 per term)